Spruce Grow Kit

Spruce Grow Kit


You can feel the holiday excitement growing—and now you can watch it grow, too! This indoor forestry kit lets you grow your very own White Spruce (tinsel trimmings are up to you).

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The festive atmosphere begins with a rustic, gold-tinted Mason jar, which adds some shimmer to your counter-top or windowsill. There's a little magic inside, in the form of a passive hydroponic system, which allows your plant to do almost all the work of keeping itself watered. And in 10-20 days, you'll get to witness the holiday miracle of your own bit of winter greenery sprouting.

MEASUREMENTS: Jar: 5.5" H x 3.25" Dia.

CARE: Designed for indoor use.


- White Spruce seeds
- plant food
- coco pot
- activated carbon
- grow medium
- wick
- gold planter jar
- instructions


*Made in USA