Outdoor Plant Care Guide


Outdoor succulents and cacti will do well in direct sunlight! If you notice their leaves start to pucker, however, move them to an area with more shade and gradually expose them to more sunlight until their leaves return to normal. It really depends on the type of plant!


You can water your outdoor succulents and cacti once or twice a week during the spring and summer months, if you check the soil first! Remember, wet soil is an indicator that your plant does not need to be watered! If your plant’s soil is damp for a week or more, there is no need to water it! During the winter months, you can scale back the watering to once every 10-14 days, a month, or as needed when soil is dry. Again, this depends on the type of plant(s), so make sure you check the soil and do additional research on your plant if necessary.

Additionally, like indoor plants, outdoor succulents and cacti should be watered carefully, and never with a spray bottle or mister. Watering the plant directly onto the leaves can lead to rot and fungal growth. Instead, water carefully around the base of the plant, or use a syringe to get right to the roots!


Cold hardy succulents will do well year-round outdoor. They can tolerate freezing temperatures for extended periods of time, though many varieties will go partially or fully dormant in late fall (e.g. hardy Sedum). If your plants look puckered or scorched, move them to a shadier spot, or even indoors until temperatures drop.  


If you are following healthy practices for your succulents and cacti, bugs should not be a problem. The bugs that most commonly feed on succulents are gnats, but they can be avoided by using a well-draining soil mix and allowing your soil to dry in between watering. Additionally, mealy bugs can also pose a problem for your plant. Thankfully, mealy bugs can be easily taken care of- simply wipe them off with a rubbing alcohol-soaked q tip.


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