Relaxation Box

Relaxation Box

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We all have those days where we can’t wait to get home and take a long hot bath or shower. Our relaxation box will provide you with the essentials you need before and after that soothing experience. Items inside this box include:

  • All natural bath soak with essential oils

  • Soy Candle

  • Organic Peaceful Spirit Tea

  • All natural lavender bath bomb

  • Organic Breathe or Relax calming oils (based on availability)

  • Serenity healing stone set

    PYRITE Energizing, nourishing, optimism
    LABRADORITE - Calming, clarity, transformation
    MOONSTONE - Inner growth, spiritual insight, hope
    AGATE - Emotional balance, acceptance, courage
    TOURMALINE QUARTZ Spiritual grounding, deflection of negative energy, clear thinking

*Keep in mind that these items are popular in our store so we may have to switch them up with similar items if we are out of stock when you order. We will let you know in that case*

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