Positivity Box

Positivity Box

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Our Positivity Box will lift your spirits with it’s empowering content. Who doesn’t like little gifts that show appreciation and gratitude? This box is complete with:

  • Positivity healing stone set

    SELENITE - Dispels negativity
    BLACK TOURMALINE - Clears negative thoughts; Encourages positive attitudes 
    CHRYSOCOLLA - Stone of empowerment; Eases fear and anxiety 
    SMOKY QUARTZ - Removes negative energy; Increases positive frequencies 
    RED AVENTURINEEncourages self-forgiveness and confidence; Restores sense of humor and optimism

  • Fan favorite elephant charm bracelet

  • Handcrafted crystal soy candle

  • A positivity scented oil

  • Vegan friendly handcrafted soap (beautiful and smell heavenly)

  • The Shine pop up card set

*Keep in mind that these items are popular in our store so we may have to switch them up with similar items if we are out of stock when you order. We will let you know in that case*

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