Love Box

Love Box

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Our Love Box can be used to treat yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend going through a hard breakup or an emotionally hard time. The box is full of amazing scented goodies to throw you into a blissfully content mood. You’ll find the following inside:

  • Handmade embroidered velvet heart pendant (perfect for the Christmas tree or to hang in your room)

  • Handmade crystal candle

  • Vegan friendly handmade soap! (made with real botanicals)

  • A “Life is Beautiful” card set to remind you that you are beautiful.

  • Our Love healing stone set

    ROSE QUARTZ Unconditional love, kindness, friendship
    AGATE - Abundance, generosity, appreciation of nature
    CITRINE - Happiness, spiritual growth, pleasure
    AMETHYST - Inner peace, healing of body mind and soul
    QUARTZ Harmony, healing, energy

*Keep in mind that these items are popular in our store so we may have to switch them up with similar items if we are out of stock when you order. We will let you know in that case*

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