How to Build Your Terrarium:


Step 1: Pick your container

Pick a container that you can fit your hand inside of, so you can add your gravel, soil, plants, and other decorative items later! If you can’t fit your hand inside of it, opt for a container with a larger opening.

Step 2: Add gravel to the bottom of your container

Gently distribute a layer of gravel along the bottom of the container. This gravel will act as drainage for your plant, and will ensure that you will not drown your succulent or cactus!

Step 3: Add a layer of charcoal on top of your gravel

Next, add a ½ inch – 1 inch layer of charcoal on top of your layer of gravel, depending on the size of your container (½ inch for a small container, 1 inch for a larger container). This layer of charcoal will eliminate odor and serve as a boundary between your gravel and moss/soil.

Step 4: Add your moss (optional)

After laying down your charcoal, you can add some moss to your container. This will give your terrarium some added color, and make sure your soil doesn’t move down in between the gravel. This step is optional!

Step 5: Add your soil

On top of your layer of moss or charcoal, add 3 to 4 inches of potting soil. You can always add more or less depending on the size of your container (more for a larger container or less for a smaller container), as long as all plant roots are covered and all plants leaves are exposed.

Step 6: Fill your terrarium with plants

Now you are ready to add your plants! With your fingers or a tool, create a hole in the soil with your plant. Gently remove your plant from its pot, and shake off any excess soil attached to the roots. Place your plant into the hole you have created, and pat soil around the plant until all roots are covered.

Step 7: Add decorative accents (optional)

To complete your terrarium, add more decorative stones, crystals, or pieces of moss. They add color to your terrarium and make them unique and personal to you!