Airplant Care Guide


Method 1:

 Spray a fine mist of room temperature water onto the leave of the airplant until the water drips off of the leaves

Make sure the water is no colder than room temperature

This can cause stress to your airplant - can lead to brown and brittle leaves.

Repeat 2-3 times per week during the summer, spring, and fall, less during the winter

Method 2:

Fill a sink or bowl with room temperature water and soak your airplant for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes have passed, remove your airplant from water and shake off excess

Repeat this process only once a week

Only one method of watering is necessary, do not water both ways or more than 3 times a week!

If your airplant’s leaves start to curl inward soak your airplant in a bowl of room temperature water overnight and shake off in the morning


Set the air plant near an east-, west- or south-facing window, not in direct sunlight

Can be set directly in front of the window if a sheer curtain is hung between the plant and window

Inadequate light will cause slow growth and pale leaves. Excessive light will turn the leaves tan, dry and brittle

(Optional) - Use a fluorescent lamp to provide additional light - helpful if there isn't a bright, sunny window in the house

Use a special fluorescent bulb designed for plants that provides full spectrum light

Set the light up so that the bulb is 6 to 8 inches above the plant and leave it on for 12 to 18 hrs.

Light should be turned on in the morning around sunrise and turned off 12 to 18 hours later.


Air plants require healthy air circulation

They do not dry quickly the air plant could develop crown rot.

Do not place them too close to other plants, walls or furniture

If air circulation is a problem set up a fan so that it blows away from the plant

Turn it on for an hour or so once or twice a day.

Make sure the fan doesn't blow directly on the plant


For more tips and information visit our FAQ page!