Modern Terrarium Bar is a carefully curated retail space that houses a Terrarium Bar, a host of organic and plant-based products, and an in-house/hands-on D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) plant bar. Drop in to create your own or buy a terrarium that aesthetically pleases you.   

No appointment? No problem! If you have a group of 5 or less, feel free to come in at anytime! Terrarium building is open to all ages and there is something to please everyone’s taste.

Upon entering, you will see an ever-evolving selection of striking containers that are brought to life by our collection of succulents, cacti, and air plants. Aside from these living works of art, you will find a diverse selection of goods and one-of-a-kind hand-made items produced by local artisans and vendors from around the world.

Need help? Feel free to ask! At Modern Terrarium Bar, we pride ourselves in matching our customers with the perfect plant, offering expert advice on care and maintenance, and giving great gift suggestions.

Come visit us in downtown Rockville Centre and experience the calming, comforting atmosphere for yourself! We hope to see you soon!

  "What a wonderful addition to our town! ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar on  8 South Park Avenue is a DIY piece of paradise...."    CLICK HERE   to read more about us on Tips From Town!  

"What a wonderful addition to our town! ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar on  8 South Park Avenue is a DIY piece of paradise...." CLICK HERE to read more about us on Tips From Town!  

What is the package price for a kid’s party?

For a kid’s party of eight (8) or more guests, we do recommend an all-inclusive package.  The price is $39.95 per guest plus NYS tax and gratuity. Price can increase depending on the size and style of the container.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 + tax is required to book a party.  A $20 no-show fee will apply to each guest that canceled within 48 hours of the event date.

Package price includes the following: 

*  An instructor to give you step by step instructions, and to explain the purpose of each element and how to water the terrarium.

*  One of our most basic style glass container 

*  Charcoal

*  Gravel

*  Soil

*  Small plant (Valued at $5.25) 

Decorative add-ons: 

* Colored reindeer moss (2 colors)

* Colored Sand (2 colors)

* Miniature fairy garden terrarium figurine (flowers & ladybugs) 

* Crushed stone (2 colors)

* Seashells

* Starfish or driftwood

And, we are always getting new and cute little add-on’s for the terrariums!

The price per guest is based on 1hr. 30min or less.  An additional fee might apply for extended time.  For more information or to book a party, please contact us 917-288-0585 // info@ReCreateU.com, or fill out the following form:

How much will it cost to build a terrarium?

The D.I.Y. package price starts at $27.00. 

Our containers range from smaller succulent planters like mugs and small glass containers, to larger vessels like ceramic pots and geometric containers. D.I.Y prices are based on the container's size and style.

** Our package price covers the cost of charcoal, gravel, soil, and one small plant (worth $5.25) … all of which are provided for you!

Add on’s are completely optional but we encourage you to use them to add some color and individuality to your terrarium! We have a large selection of add on’s to choose from - healing crystals, large rocks, crumbled stones, colored sand, sea shells, sea glass, colored moss, additional plants, and more! Add on’s range in price from $0.25 (for a scoop of sand or rocks) to $5.25 (for an additional plant), etc!

** Pricing is subject to change.

Do I need an appointment?

Groups of 5 or less – No, you do not need an appointment! Come in anytime we are open!

Groups of 6 or More – Yes, please call us to reserve a time and date. Due to limited spacing, you will be required to put down $100 + tax deposit to reserve your seating.

Can I Book a Party?

Yes!  Have your next Birthday, Team Build, Girl's Night, Bridal Party or just gather up a group of your friends to make terrariums. Terrarium building is also the perfect activity for a kid's birthday party! It’s a great hands-on activity for adults and children alike, and it's easy enough for even beginners to master! 

Can I Bring My Own Container?

We encourage you to select one of the containers we have available in store, unless it it something particularly sentimental or personal to you!

If you do decide to bring your own container, please note that we still charge surcharge, as well as a material fee depending on the size of the container.

Do you have pre-made terrariums? Can I custom order a terrarium?

Yes and yes! We have pre-made terrariums in store, including cactus mugs and geometric and hanging succulent containers that are all for sale! We can also take custom orders by phone or email if you provide us with a price range and an idea of the kind of container and plant you are looking for!  Pick up only, no shipping available at this time. 

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