Terrarium Building Workshop


Terrarium Building Workshop

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Upcoming Workshop

Date: August 11th 5:30 pm

Price: $65 (Including Tax)


For this workshop, we will be collaborating with Country Chic Paint, a brand of eco-friendly and VOC-free paints, and transforming a set of clay terracotta pots into chic cactus and succulent planters! 

Over the course of the workshop, we will walk you through the painting process, and show you a number of different techniques to get the look you wish to achieve!

Additionally, we will show you how to turn your new project into a planter one layer at a time. Using a few of the hand-selected succulents and cacti from our collection, we will help you create your very own living work of art!

No previous experience is needed, we provide step-by-step instruction, as well as:

- 3 terracotta pots
- Chic Paint Paint (white, black, grey & light blue)
- 3 small succulents or cacti of your choice
- charcoal, gravel, and soil for your plants

- and one decorative option, like colored sand, crumbled rocks, or colored mosses

For an additional fee, we also offer an assortment of:
- healing crystals
- larger stones
- sea shells
- sea glass
- and other decorative accents!

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